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Posted @withrepost@iostopan Hello friends!
I've spent quite some time reformatting this marvelous handbook by Douglas Cockerell - Bookbinding, and the Care of Books.
The book itself is in the public domain for quite some time now. It's available on various e-book platforms for free, to read directly via the page in HTML format and EPUB files. The problem was that although free, none of these are comfortable for reading on a device or properly formatted to be printed. I made this project for my own personal pleasure but I'm sure many people would find it useful.

You can find more about it in the link bio or read below:

I bring to you a small package containing:

1. An evenly formatted PDF file, made for reading on a device, be it an e-ink reader or smartphone.

I've made the margins even for every page to make reading more comfortable. Heading and image positions are fixed, as well as a new Table of Contents, which links to the particular sections and corresponds to the proper pages. I've removed the alphabetic index in the end as well as all page references, which were untrue due to the change in format. Basically, it's what a handbook or manual should be - without distractions, easy to use and concentrated on the topic.

2. A two part archive of PDF files with corresponding signatures for printing and folding a book in A5 format. An edition you can practice your bookbinding with!

They're adapted for a duplex printer, meaning one, which does double sided printing. It is possible to print at home but the best way would be to visit your local copy center and ask them to pint it quickly and hassle-free.

3. One package of PDF files with corresponding signatures for printing and folding a book in A6 format. An edition you can practice your bookbinding with!

Basically 4x4 pages on an A4 page. This package is only suited for duplex printing and if you find it intimidating, make sure to visit a local copy center.
Pages are to be folded and set up in their individual signatures. The margins in the printing editions are very wide, using the golden ratio proportions and leave much room for trimming if you plan on it.
Feel free to share your thoughts and recomme
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