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How many of you caught the #NPR #allthingsconsidered report yesterday evening?
A report on the state of the leather industry, the vast majority being cowhide. Troubling and fascinating... being inside it, we have a different take on its current state, but you cannot argue with facts: Over 300,000 people working in the field in 1950. Now: barely 25,000 and declining further. What has been cited previously as an issue of labor costs and excessive regulation, now has a different cause: the high price of cowhides due to scarcity in 2014 led many designers and companies to substitute cheaper materials. 5 years later, prices on raw material have plummeted, but demand has not returned and a trade war is hampering export recovery. How does a company overcome this hurdle? Our solution is filling niches and offering products that address changing consumer demands. As a 500 year old company, we have weathered many storms. We don’t plan on going anywhere. #americanleather
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